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What Are My Educational Goals Essay

Pursuing My Educational Goals 295 Words | 2 Pages. My educational goals are to graduate with a Bachelor's in History and to have a minor in either Psychology or another Behavioral Analysis course to accompany my History degree. I love learning about history and how it has influenced the generations and how it still influences our decisions today.

  • Educational goals are the statements that describe what skills, competencies, and qualities you aim for after a certain period of time. It usually involves identifying objectives, creating short-term goals, and putting a plan in place to achieve those goals. Let us have a look at a few examples. 1. Short term goals examples for students

  • My Educational Goals For A Career In Education The quest to pursue advanced studies take aptitude, positive attitude determination and hard work. These attributes I believe qualify me to embark on the final journey of my educational goal and will propel me to strive for excellence as I take on the challenge of pursuing doctoral studies.

  • Here are some educational goal examples: Think positive to stay focused. Stay resilient. Make time to read. Manage your time. Find time to relax. Strive for excellence. Build a strong network. Build good study habits. Attend seminars. Develop patience to achieve your goals. Think positive to stay focused

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